This is my story I was working at a 9-5 job that I absolutely disliked I went home and was tired all of the time,not because the job made me tired but because I really didn't care to be there and it was draining me.I was doing makeup and had been doing it for years but couldn't really do what I wanted because of the job that I had and I also wanted to work for myself.So everyday I was upset with myself because I know that there was something greater inside of me to do,it's like everything was on pause because I was on pause.But one day I pushed myself to decision was it painful yes because You don't know what will happen it you stop doubting yourself and go beyond self to go after your dreams.So I came up with a plan I gave myself a date and a set time I wrote down everything I wanted to do and everything I wanted to be ,I told myself to push passed fear and just do it.That's when I created my  CBeauty brand ,I wasn't feeling to confident about myself and one day I was looking at my name and my initials CB and I thought to myself you have to see the beauty inside of  you.It all starts with that yes to yourself.GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS